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4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

Congratulations! You’ve scored an interview for an exciting role as a security guard with a professional security company. But even if you have all the experience in the world, interviewing for a new job can cause a lot of anxiety. Many people feel uncomfortable selling themselves and talking about their unique set of skills and experiences to a potential employer. 

No matter if you are newly entering the security industry or if you are a seasoned professional, you might benefit from these tips on how to ace your upcoming security guard interview. 

Like many things in life, preparation is key. Even the best and the brightest may be overlooked for a position if they come to an interview unprepared. Why? If a candidate does not prepare for an interview, an employer won’t feel confident that the candidate will be serious about the role and be prepared when they arrive on the job each day. 

4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

Research the Company

Interviewers appreciate when candidates show that they are taking the job opportunity seriously. One way to demonstrate this is to research the company you are interviewing with. Your ability to include certain facts about the company in your conversation will show that you’ve put the time into preparing for your interview and that you care about your performance. 

Although it’s not necessary to know every detail about the company, there are certain pieces of information that will be vital to an informed conversation and allow you to ask impressive questions.

Study the following prior to your interview:


What is the mission and vision of the organization? What principles guide them in their work?

Who are the leaders of the organization? What are their professional and educational backgrounds?

Has the company recently been in the news? Are there any current events that directly impact the work of the company? 

Who are the company’s major competitors? What is the current competitive climate and how does the company stand out from the rest?

Does the company have a social media presence? What are some of the recent topics of conversation on their social media platforms? 

Know Your Résumé

Your résumé will get you in the door, but your ability to explain your experience and education clearly and confidently will get you hired for the job. Take the time to know your résumé in and out. 

Be able to seamlessly explain your responsibilities with each of your previous employers and emphasize the successes that you had in each role. Be specific when talking about your achievements by using numbers and anecdotes or highlighting awards that you have received.

Practice Common Interview Questions 

To have a successful interview, practice answering some of the most common security guard interview questions. Enlist a close friend or family member to ask you questions and provide honest feedback on your responses. When answering interview questions, it is always best to be confident, clear and concise. Rambling responses do not demonstrate confidence and can lead to miscommunication. 

Below is a list of common interview questions that you might encounter during a security guard interview. Practice answering these questions by relating your specific skills, character traits, professional experiences and successes in your responses. Providing supporting information will give your interviewer a more accurate picture of what they can expect from you as an employee.

Common Security Guard Interview Questions


What got you started in the security industry? 

Why do you want to be a security guard?

What do you believe are the most important character traits for a security guard? 

Why do you want to work for our company? 

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

How have you handled …. situations in the past? 

What would you do in …. scenario?

Why do you think you are ideal for this role?

What questions do you have for me?

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer

An interview is not a one-way street. Both you and the security company want to determine if you are the right fit for each other. On the one side, they want to determine if you have the skills to do the job and the personality to fit in with the company culture. On the other side, you want to find out if they can provide you with a challenging position that provides training, opportunities to advance and whatever else is most important to you. 

Planning questions ahead of time serves other purposes as well. It allows you to demonstrate your preparedness and enthusiasm for the role. And it gives you the chance to ask well-researched, knowledgeable questions about the company. 

Ready to Ace Your Interview? 

With these practical steps, you should be well on your way to nailing your interview and getting the security guard job that you want. For more information about becoming a security guard and boosting your security guard résumé, read our post How to Get a Security Guard Job.  

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Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services

Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services

As a business owner, what are your primary concerns when it comes to your business? If you said costs and security, you are not alone. Many business owners are tasked with finding a happy medium between efficient spending and protecting their assets. When it comes to providing security services, it may seem logical and cost-effective to hire in-house security guards to keep your business, property, employees and customers safe. 

Although at first glance this may seem like the most cost-effective solution, it’s important to take a look at the many advantages that outsourcing your security guard services can provide. In reality, outsourcing your security guard protection to a reputable and experienced security guard company is usually a more affordable, effective and time-saving choice for businesses.

Let’s explore some of the top benefits of outsourcing security guard services rather than hiring an in-house security workforce. 

The Top Advantages of Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services

Allows you to focus on your business. 

Hiring, managing and understanding the roles of security personnel isn’t an easy task. Many business owners don’t have the knowledge and experience it takes to hire the best and most qualified security guards for the job. Even if you have hired the right guards for your business, it will require significant time and day-to-day management of your security personnel to ensure that things are running smoothly. And if your business needs guards for after-hour shifts, the added stress of finding a replacement in the middle of the night will be substantial. 

Outsourcing your security guard services to a company with experience and a reputation to match means that you won’t have to worry about the administrative aspects of managing your security team. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are professionals handling the team to take care of any personnel or security issues that arise. When an issue does arise, like a no-show security guard or a guard failing to perform his or her duties properly, you won’t have to spend your time and resources on fixing the problem. You will have a dedicated team to ensure that you are getting the services you need.

Saves you resources and money. 

The decision to provide in-house security is not usually the most cost-effective way to protect your business. Often the costs associated with uniforms, equipment, vehicles, insurance and other overhead costs will far exceed those of outsourcing superior security services. Plus, you and other management staff will not need to spend your time managing security personnel and administrative issues related to the security of your business. 

Ensures you have qualified security personnel. 

When you hire an experienced security guard company like Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that you are getting a team of professionals who know how to screen, train and hire the best of the best. Reputable companies are skilled at matching guards with the needs of your business and providing alternate options if required for any reason. And with the ever-increasing competition in the security guard industry today, companies are more diligent than ever before in setting high standards for their security guards.  

Provides continuity and reliability. 

No matter the size of your business, chances are that your security team won’t be as vast as the staff available at a professional security guard company. What happens when an in-house guard is sick or doesn’t show up for work? What happens when one or more of your guards quit unexpectedly? What do you do when an emergency situation occurs and you need additional hands on deck? 

Outsourcing your security guard services means that you can feel confident that you have a nearly endless pool of qualified guards available at a moment’s notice. Whenever the situation calls for increased protection or replacements, a professional security guard company like Off Duty Officers can dispatch the right team, right away. 

Hiring a Professional Security Guard Company

Whether you decide to hire in-house security guards or outsource your security services to a professional security guard company, it is always advised that you do your research. In general, outsourcing these services can be more cost-effective and provide your business with a greater sense of security, consistency and peace of mind. 

If you think that professional security guard services are the best choice for your business, contact our team of security experts at Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, we have been one of the leading providers of highly trained, reliable and skilled security guards for businesses across the United States. When you are considering outsourcing your security services, there is only one company to call – Off Duty Officers. 

When you need security personnel who aim higher

Call Off Duty Officers, Inc. to find out how we can serve your business.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant

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