5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace From a Fired Employee

Terminating an employee is never an easy task for an owner or manager. However, it is a necessary part of running a business. When terminating an employee from a position, there is always a chance that they will react with violence, aggression or retaliation.  Companies must have procedures in place to protect their businesses, employees, customers and data from a disgruntled ex-employee. 

Does your business have policies and procedures in place that will help you avoid an unsafe situation at your workplace after an employee is terminated? We have compiled a list of 5 steps you can take to protect your property, both physical and intellectual, from an angry ex-employee. 

5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace From a Fired Employee

The loss of a job can bring up strong emotions for an employee, including fear, anger and frustration. Even if the employee expected the termination, there is no telling what kind of reaction they may have. With the risk associated with an employee termination, managers and other staff members should be well versed in their company’s policies and have clear procedures before, during and after a termination. 

Assess the risk. 

Even before approaching the employee, it is critical that managers and human resources staff identify past or present behaviors or situations that could make the termination high risk. This step will allow the management team to develop a plan, as well as alternate plans, if the situation does turn sour. Some signals that an individual may present a higher risk for violence include those who: 

  • Have increased levels of stress at home or in the workplace
  • Have been employed at the company for many years
  • Have filed formal complaints or lawsuits against the company
  • Have expressed informal complaints or made accusations against other employees
  • Have a history of violence 
  • Have a history of making threats 

Create a plan. 

Businesses should create a process or checklist that they follow for every termination, even those not considered high risk. The policy should be included in every new hire orientation and provided as an additional training to current employees. The specifics of the policies will depend on your business and should include your IT department and security staff. A professional, experienced security team can assist you in creating a plan that will decrease risk and prepare you for any situation that may arise. 

Consult with your IT team. 

Employees have access to valuable devices and intellectual property. Prior to the termination, managers should consult with their IT team to determine what the employee has access to and what will need to be restricted. This may include email accounts, computer and smartphone passwords and other company-wide messaging platforms and applications. Working with the IT team as soon as managers know the termination will take place can ensure that all of your bases are covered when it comes to technology and intellectual property. 

Have security staff present during the termination. 

It should not come as a surprise that security staff should be present for any employee termination. Experienced security personnel will be able to identify signs that the employee is becoming emotional or that they have a weapon. Remember, the mere presence of security can deter an angry employee from causing a scene. 

Escort the person off the property. 

It is recommended that employees are monitored throughout the entire process: from packing their belongings to exiting the premises. The threat of harm is not eliminated as soon as the ex-employee exits the building. There is still the potential that they have a weapon in their vehicle or that they will attempt to reenter the building. Security personnel can escort the person off the premises and watch for their return. 

Experienced Security Staff Can Protect Your Business – Employee Termination Security Staff

When dealing with any potentially emotional situation in the workplace, it is critical to keep safety front of mind. If you run or manage a business of any size, employee terminations can put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. Be sure to have the proper policies and procedures in place as well as a highly trained and experienced security guard team to help make the process as secure as possible. 

If you are looking for security professionals to help keep your business safe and running smoothly, contact Off Duty Officers today to talk with one of our security specialists.  

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3 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services

Many businesses outsource aspects of their operations, especially those that are outside their areas of expertise. Businesses may hire cleaning companies, marketing agencies and freelancers to help them achieve their goals in business and day-to-day operations. Some companies prefer to keep everything in-house by hiring staff to accomplish all business and non-business tasks. 

When it comes to security guard services, there are arguments on both sides of the coin. Proponents of utilizing in-house security like the idea of hiring, training and supervising their own personnel. Businesses in this camp feel they have the ability to develop a greater sense of loyalty because security teams are part of the company, not an outside contractor. 

However, those with the opposite opinion cite several important disadvantages to using in-house security services. For one, it is generally more expensive to hire, train and supervise your own security staff when you consider the need to purchase equipment, employee benefits and liability insurance. 

Second, an in-house security manager will need to provide training and supervision to the security guard team, which can be a full-time job in itself. If the security manager is expected to manage other aspects of the company’s security program, they may be spread too thin to get the job done right. 

3 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services 

It can be difficult to trust the security of your company, employees and customers to an outside company. However, for most companies outsourcing your security services offers the most benefits. Let’s further explore the advantages of outsourcing your security guard services

Cost savings

All businesses care about saving money. While it may seem like you can put together an effective security program on a budget, chances are that you will have gaps in your program that could be costly and even dangerous. Hiring a turnkey security solution from a reputable security guard company will end of saving you money in the end. Not only will you avoid some of the necessary startup costs, but you will save yourself and your security manager time and energy.

Expertise and experience 

When you work with a security guard company, you can trust that security is their only business. Unlike an in-house team, their only priority is protecting your business, employees and customers. A security guard company like Off Duty Officers, with over 25 years of experience, has a staff of well-trained, highly-skilled guards to meet any of your security needs. In addition to the extensive experience of the guards, the team behind them is made up of security professionals who know how to customize the right security solutions for your business. 


What happens when your business experiences a security threat or hosts a large-scale event? Will your in-house security team be robust enough to handle the additional security challenges? When you work with an outsourced security company, they will be able to provide temporary guards at a moment’s notice. The guards will be trained to provide the type of security you need, from special event security to VIP and executive protection. If you tried to hire and train guards on your own, it would come with a high price tag and no guarantee that they have the skills you need. 

Hiring a Security Guard Company to Protect Your Business 

At Off Duty Officers, we understand that choosing the right security solutions for your company is a big decision. If you are deciding between in-house and outsourced security, we hope this article clearly shows you the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, most companies find that working with an outside security company is far superior than attempting to do it in-house. 

Do you want to hire security guards to protect your business? Check out these articles to learn more about how to hire the right company for your security needs: 

Tips for Hiring a Security Guard Team For Your Next Event 

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Company

When you need security personnel who aim higher

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Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant

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When Should You Hire Fire Watch Guards?

No matter what type of business you operate, you are responsible for protecting your employees, customers and visitors from the threat of a fire. High-tech alarm, security and fire systems are an effective means of protection, but what happens when they malfunction?

To ensure the safety of your business, temporary or full-time fire watch security guards will provide you with superior protection. In this article, we will introduce reasons why your business might need fire watch guards as well as who might benefit from these security services.

To learn more about fire watch security services at Off Duty Officers, visit our Fire Watch Security Services page for a full description of the services we provide. If you have questions about your need for fire watch services, do not hesitate to call our security professionals. With over 25 years of experience in the security guard industry, our staff is knowledgeable and fully able to address all of your concerns.

What is Fire Watch Security?

When a sprinkler system or fire alarm is under maintenance or inoperable for some reason, there is an increased risk of a fire emergency. Similarly, if work is being done on a property that involves open flames or sparks, there is a higher chance of a fire occurring. In these scenarios, among several others, the local fire marshal may require the business owner to have fire watch guards on duty until the threat is over.

Fire watch guards serve a vital role for business owners and managers in keeping their properties and people safe and secure. Some of the primary functions of a fire watch guard from Off Duty Officers include:

  • Look out for smoke, open flames or increased temperatures.
  • Identify and remove hazards that block emergency exits.
  • Check fire extinguishers to ensure they are available and in working order.
  • Maintain a supply of emergency fire equipment to extinguish small fires until the fire department arrives on the scene.
  • Understand evacuation procedures and be able to assist employees, customers and visitors.
  • Communicate with property owners, law enforcement and the fire department in the event of an emergency.

Who Could Benefit from Fire Watch Security?

Many types of businesses could benefit from fire watch guards at some point. Guards may be required for short or long term assignments depending on the type of business and their needs.

Businesses that have a constant threat of fire, such as in the manufacturing industry, may be required to have full-time fire watch guards on staff. Construction sites are another common location where fire watch guards are needed. These sites may be home to heavy-duty equipment, welding projects and chemicals that present an increased fire risk. Many of these properties do not have operating fire and sprinkler systems in place yet. Fire watch guards can assist operators in monitoring for signs of fire both during business hours and after hours.

Cities, businesses and sports venues that are celebrating special occasions such as the 4th of July may want to use fireworks and other pyrotechnics. While they are considered a staple at many celebrations across the country, they can be dangerous. In many municipalities, it is required to have qualified fire watch guards on site.

6 Reasons to Hire Fire Watch Security

Now that you are more familiar with fire watch security services and the types of businesses that may require them, let’s list some of the benefits of hiring experienced fire watch guards.

Many business owners opt to hire their own employees to handle fire watch duties to cut down on costs. However, this is never a good idea. Trained fire watch guards have specific skills and knowledge in the area of fire watch, something your untrained employees will not have. Don’t put people’s lives at risk just to save a little time or money. Find a reputable fire watch security guard company near you to get trained professionals on site.

Fire watch guards:

  1. Ensure you are compliant with local regulations.
  2. Have the training and skills that your staff doesn’t.
  3. Help save lives in a fire emergency situation.
  4. Act as a knowledgeable resource for the fire department.
  5. Seamlessly implement the emergency protocols of your business.
  6. Give staff, customers, visitors and owners peace of mind.

Do you need fire watch security guard services in Colorado, California, Florida, or Texas?

Contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our services and to get started with the leading provider of security guards nationwide.

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Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant

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Tips for Hiring a Security Team For Your Next Event

When planning an event, it’s easy to think that the most important factors are things like entertainment and food and beverage. But, employing the proper security team is paramount to ensuring that an event not only runs smoothly, but also prioritizes safety so guests and participants can make the most of the experience. Planners are tasked with interviewing countless vendors and staff members, and it’s difficult to identify what traits and characteristics are best in the security team for the event. 

Here are a few tips of what to look for in a security team when organizing a big event. We hope this brief guide helps you make the best choice for your business or event. 

4 Tips for Hiring an Event Security Team

Select a company with the proper experience. 

We understand that this seems like a given, but there’s more that goes into this than just experience running security. First, it’s important to select a provider that is fully licensed and employs qualified, trained and licensed security guards. You don’t want some John Doe running the security team without any experience in the field. 

Next, it’s beneficial to know that the team has experience in the area and has served the region you’re working in. This means they may have relationships with local law enforcement, which may prove beneficial should there be an issue at the event. Bottom line, if the company knows the area and the people who are running the town, they’ll know how to handle each situation effectively and efficiently. 

Work with a team who understands the venue.

Even more important than having experience in the area is having experience at the specific venue where the event is taking place. Those with experience will understand the exact surroundings of the venue and how to properly secure the perimeter, whether an indoor arena, outdoor park or amphitheater. With experience at the venue, security planning will be turnkey, since the team will likely already have previous plans, fencing and check-in strategies to draw from. 

And, if there are any VIPs planning to appear, the team will know the best, under-the-radar ins and outs for minimum exposure. Experience usually leads to smoother operations overall, and you’ll likely feel the ease of transitions during the event. 

Consider the size of the team needed.

The next thing to consider is how big your event will be and how many people will attend. This will guide the amount of security guards needed on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that each area of the perimeter is cared for. Of course, large scale events need a larger team than that of smaller events, and you may even want a remote surveillance team on hand to provide an extra eye. An experienced security team should be able to provide guidance and recommendations on security needs based on the size and format of the event. 

Set expectations for the security team.

In order to get the most out of your event security team, it’s important to set expectations with them. How do you expect them to handle certain situations? What would you like them to do in the event of a violent situation or threat? Prior to the event, make sure to discuss this with your team so everyone is aware of the job they need to perform. 

Do you need them to be prepared to step in should an unsafe situation occur, or would you prefer that they observe and report? Setting clear expectations is helpful in any job situation, and even more so when security is involved. This is especially true when your security team is paired with local law enforcement because these two entities need to effectively work together in order to be successful. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want the team to do something that you wouldn’t approve of.

Call Off Duty Officers for your event security needs. 

When planning a big event, there is a lot to think about. Your main priority is making sure that attendees are having a great time, and security plays a significant role in that effort. As with every vendor, not every team is a stellar bunch. With a little care, attention, and a keen eye for talent, you’ll ensure that the event is free of any hiccups with a top-notch security team at the wheel. 

Off Duty Officers is here to help. Contact our security support team to learn more about our services and how we can give you the peace of mind you need at your next event, corporate function or other special event. Our team has the expertise, experience and reliability you need. 

When you need security personnel who aim higher

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Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant

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