Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Temporary Security Guards

For many people, owning a small business is the American dream. It takes time, money and passion to bring your business to life- and your hard work should be protected. Small business owners across the country have met with troubling times over the last 6 months. COVID-19 has decimated many mom-and-pop shops and other smaller enterprises that don’t have big names and deep pockets. Yet, even many of those mainstays have gone under in recent months. 

With all of the uncertainty, many businesses have gone to all-remote workplaces or are partially operational. This has left them with a plethora of new considerations, from how to keep the doors open and employees paid, to how to adequately protect the people and property that make up their businesses. 

Smaller businesses often don’t have the budget to hire full security teams, high-tech equipment or shut down completely until brighter days emerge. Instead, they have to think on their feet and be flexible as they come up with solutions for keeping their businesses surviving. 

When it comes to security, many smaller businesses are looking to temporary, unarmed guards to provide the protection they need while still staying within their budgets. 

Why Hire Temporary Security Guards? 

Not every business and situation requires, full-time, armed security officers. In fact, most smaller businesses can have more than enough protection with a small team of temporary, unarmed guards. Temporary guards can be useful in any number of situations, including: 

  • Private parties and events
  • Political conventions and rallies
  • Shopping surges around the holidays
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant buildings 
  • Social distancing enforcement 
  • Looting and riots
  • Sick or vacation time coverage 

Unarmed guards for temporary assignments are still highly-trained and qualified professionals. They have expertise in identifying suspicious behavior, performing mobile patrols of the premises, monitoring access to the property, checking credentials and enforcing other rules and regulations of the business. 

In recent months, temporary, unarmed guards have been integral in enforcing the various social distancing procedures that many businesses have put in place to protect employees and customers. Measures that security guards have helped enforce include maintaining 6 feet of distance between people, wearing a mask and even de-escalating angry or upset customers who refuse to follow the rules of the business. 

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Security Guards 

Compared to high-dollar surveillance systems and full teams of around-the-clock security officers, temporary and unarmed guards can be an economical and effective solution. 


Hiring security in-house or committing to a long-term contract can be time consuming and provide little flexibility as your business needs change. By choosing to work with temporary guards, you can get qualified guards to your door quickly and with very little hassle. You can also feel confident that you are getting the amount of security you need for your unique security requirements. 


Full-time, armed guards are the right solution for larger enterprises and those who handle cash or valuable merchandise or intellectual property. For smaller businesses or those who operate with much less overhead, a team of full-time, armed guards would be excessive and expensive. Temporary, unarmed guards are an affordable security option that still provides the support and peace of mind that business owners want. 


All too often, small business owners hire their own security personnel or give the responsibility to a willing employee. While you may get lucky, chances are that they will require training that you may not have the ability to provide. When you hire temporary guards from a private security company, you can rest assured that you are getting trained, qualified and reliable guards who have experience in the type of security your business needs. 

Less Intimidating 

Customers and employees can feel intimidated by the appearance of teams of armed guards at your business. It can give them the sense that there is a threat or that they are not inherently safe in your place of business. Unarmed guards, on the other hand, can blend in and provide a sense of security without being over-the-top. 

Hire Temporary Unarmed Security Guards Today

If your small business has felt the need for security assistance to fend against property crimes, temporary, unarmed guards might be the right option for you. Many small business owners have contacted Off Duty Officers for advice on how to handle the emerging threats they are facing. After consulting with our security specialists, they have learned whether temporary guards are the best option to meet their needs.

Find out how you can better protect your business with professional security guards through Off Duty Officers today.

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Summer Heat Safety Tips for Security Guards

Summer 2020 has been unlike summers in recent memory. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging and social unrest across the country, people are facing unprecedented levels of fear and anxiety. Add to this the extreme heat and the recent Colorado and California wild fires, and you have a recipe for more disorder. 

Studies have indicated that summer time is typically a period of higher than average homicide rates. In fact, some of our largest cities have experienced higher than normal rates of gun violence over the last few months. Although these facts are frightening, they are not meant to scare you. 

We want to alert security professionals to the fact that they have to be on high alert as we enter the final weeks of the season. Security guards, especially those who work outdoors and perform mobile patrols, must take extra precautions to protect themselves from the heat. They must also know how to help others who may be negatively impacted by the heat and smoky air. 

By learning heat wave safety skills, security guards can better protect themselves, keeping them ready and able to respond to an increase in security and medical emergencies. 

Tips for Protecting Yourself in Extreme Heat 

The American Red Cross states that excessive heat is the leading cause of death among all other weather-related events. Heat and humidity can have devastating effects on humans and can result in very serious health concerns. As a security guard, you are responsible for the safety of those you are hired to protect. You are also responsible for keeping yourself healthy and safe so you can do your job effectively. 

When you are working in excessive heat conditions, consider the following tips to keep yourself and your fellow guards safe in the heat. 

Wear sunscreen and protective clothing. Too much sun can result in heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Protect your skin by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater. Wear additional protective clothing such as sunglasses, hats and long sleeves. Avoid leaving any skin exposed to the sun. 

Maintain proper levels of hydration. Drinking fluids regularly can help keep you hydrated and prevent heat illnesses. The sun, heat and humidity can rapidly deplete your water stores without you realizing it. Even if you are not feeling thirsty, drink water. Guards should make sure that they have ample access to water throughout the day. 

Ensure there is sufficient shade and take frequent breaks. Security guards who are performing mobile patrols should make sure that they have access to shade and an air conditioned environment throughout their shift. When temperatures are reaching extreme levels, guards should be provided more breaks during a shift. 

Perform patrols with a partner. In order to stay safe and help reduce the risk of a heat-related illness, security guards should work in pairs when performing patrols outdoors. The buddy system will help ensure that there is always someone to respond in the event of an emergency. 

Devise a heat wave security plan. Security guard companies and their clients should have comprehensive heat wave emergency plans in place. These plans should indicate what guards should do during excessive heat and how they should handle a variety of dangerous situations. 

Signs of Heat-Related Illnesses 

In addition to knowing how to keep yourself safe, guards should know how to identify the signs of heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses. This knowledge can not only help guards protect themselves, but it can help them intervene early when they see another person in distress, and potentially safe a life. 

Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are three of the most common conditions that people experience during a heat wave. Cramping is usually an early sign that a person is being negatively impacted by extreme heat. Heat exhaustion is characterized by: 

  • Pale skin
  • Moist, cool skin
  • Headache
  • Cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness 

If a security guard begins to experience these symptoms or notice another person showing these signs, they should take immediate steps to hydrate and cool the victim. Move indoors or to a shady, cooler location. Remove excess clothing that could be causing the person to retain heat and prevent adequate air circulation. Apply a wet towel or other cloth to help speed up the rate of cooling. Sip water or sports drink to replace fluids and electrolytes. If these measures do not help, call emergency medical professionals because it could indicate that the person is suffering from heat stroke. 

Heat stroke can be a deadly condition and it requires immediate medical attention. Signs of heat stroke are more severe than heat exhaustion and can include: 

  • High body temperature
  • Dry, red skin
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Rapid pulse
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting 
  • Seizures 
  • If you notice the signs of heat stroke, call 911. Then, take steps to rapidly cool down the body by putting the individual in cold or icy water or covering them with cold, wet towels or ice. 

The Role of Security Guards for Businesses in 2020

Security guard services have been in high demand in recent months. If you are a security guard, you surely know that the job has become even more challenging. Protect yourself in the summer heat so you can better protect others. Following the tips above can help you avoid a heat-related illness and identify one in others. 

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Tense Situations & Security Guards: De-escalation Tips You Can Use

The job of a security guard can vary greatly from day to day. Some days may be filled with routine patrols and reports, while other days you may encounter a threatening or dangerous security situation. You never know what kinds of threats you may face, from theft or vandalism to violent attacks or looting. While you hope that most of your shifts are uneventful, security guards must be prepared for any situation that they might encounter in the course of duty. 

A seemingly minor situation can quickly turn dangerous if not handled properly. That is why security guards must be skilled at de-escalation techniques. Using de-escalation techniques can help guards calm irate individuals, diffuse tense situations and maintain peace, order and the safety of those in the immediate area. 

Why are De-escalation Techniques Important for Security Guards? 

Security guards with a mastery of de-escalation techniques can keep more people safe from harm. It is always better to de-escalate a tense situation than it is to engage in physical contact. As soon as physical force or violence occurs, the safety of people and property is already compromised. 

Training in de-escalation techniques can provide very specific benefits for security companies and their customers. Knowledge of how to handle irate or potentially violent people can prevent physical harm to employees or customers and the loss or destruction of property. Guards with this kind of training have also been shown to be effective in reducing incidences of workplace violence. 

How to Tell When a Situation is Heating Up

When it comes to recognizing when a situation will escalate, it is not an exact science. After all, you can never truly know how a person will react in any given scenario. However, there are some warning signs that security guards should be aware of that may signal the impending escalation of a situation. Guards should consider the following when deciding if an individual is a potential threat: 

  • Encroaching on personal space
  • The use of violent or abusive language
  • The use of threats, both direct and indirect
  • Suggestion of previous violent behavior 
  • Inappropriate reactions, such as laughing or yelling
  • Physical reactions including heavy breathing, nose flaring and the reddening of the face
  • Finger pointing
  • Punching or kicking walls or furniture

3 Tips for De-escalating a Tense Situation 

When someone is irritated or their behavior is escalating into a potentially dangerous situation, security guards can utilize the following techniques to attempt to de-escalate a situation.  

Engage in Active Listening 

Typically, when someone is exhibiting angry, violent or irrational behavior they are seeking to be heard. Whether they are angry about an injustice in the workplace or a negative customer service experience, they simply want their position heard and understood. An effective way to de-escalate a tense situation is to actively listen to the individual. Give them the space to vent and air their grievances. Very often the act of “venting” can result in a person cooling off and recognizing that they are creating a scene. 

Ask Questions 

An essential part of active listening is asking questions. Asking questions demonstrates that you are interested in what another person is saying and that you are hearing them. Guards should restate what they are hearing back to the individual to clarify their points and further demonstrate their desire to truly understand them. Questions should be short and direct. Avoid asking questions that may further increase their irritability. 

Practice Empathy 

Finally, practicing empathy can help security guards de-escalate tense situations while on the job. Empathy is the ability to demonstrate an understanding of how another person is feeling. It is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This technique can help an irate person feel understood and that their feelings are validated. When a guard can successfully develop this kind of rapport, the chances of mitigating a tense situation greatly increases.

Off Duty Officers Professional Security Guard Services Nationwide 

Security guards face potential danger every time they sign in for their shift. They must be prepared with the skills they need to successfully de-escalate tense situations for the safety of themselves and the people and property they are tasked with protecting. While the de-escalation techniques described above may not seem like enough to diffuse a very tense or dangerous situation, do not underestimate their effectiveness. Security guards should be well-versed in the techniques above, as well as other proven de-escalation techniques. 

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The Role of Warehouse Security Officers

One of the greatest unwanted costs for business owners is theft. It is an unfortunate reality that thieves, which can even include your own employees, target businesses with valuable merchandise that they can resell for a profit. Warehouses can be big targets for this kind of criminal activity, which is why warehouse operators should hire professional security guards to protect the premises and the valuable assets inside. 

Warehouse security serve several vital roles in the protection of property. They do much more than act as a visual deterrence to criminals. In fact, properties protected by security guards are far less likely to become the victim of crimes such as theft, unauthorized access, vandalism and workplace violence incidents. Some of the primary duties of a warehouse security guard can include: 

  • Control access to the property
  • Enforce property rules and regulations
  • Handle security violations
  • Monitor for potential security issues 
  • Investigate and report security incidents 

Let’s further explore some of these roles so you can gain a better understanding of the importance of staffing your warehouse with trained, reliable and professional security officers. 

How Security Guards Can Protect Your Warehouse 

Control access to the property.

Warehouses and large commercial properties must run like well-oiled machines. For safety and security reasons, individuals who are not authorized should never be on the property. Security officers can be stationed at all entrances and exits to check credentials, log employees and guests and answer questions. 

They can also perform scheduled and random mobile patrols throughout the interior and exterior of the property. Mobile patrols are effective for locating potential security threats such as broken gates, unlocked doors and other hazardous situations that could put people at risk.

Enforce property rules and regulations.

When you and your employees are busy with the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, it can be challenging to find the time to monitor for security violations. Security guards can be trained to understand your property’s security protocols so they can be your eyes and ears both during and after business hours. 

Warehouse security officers can be tasked with allowing or denying access to the property. They can also act as a chaperone to visitors to ensure that they access only the locations they are authorized to visit. Guards can also help enforce rules and and regulations related to parking lots and garages.

Handle security violations.

Even with a superior security team, there is always the chance that a security incident will occur. Guards from a reputable security guard company will work with business owners to understand their policies when it comes to handling in-progress security violations. In some warehouses, this may mean that guards are allowed to detain violators; in other cases, guards may be forbidden from making physical contact with a person committing a crime on the property. In either scenario, professional guards are trained in effective de-escalation techniques which can help them prevent the need to use physical force in the first place. 

Investigate and report security incidents.

As mentioned earlier, security guards can act as your eyes and ears when you are not available. Very often, guards are on duty after normal business hours so they can monitor for suspicious activity when your facility is closed. In the event of a security incident, even those that have occurred while the guard was not on duty, security guards are trained in how to investigate the incident and prepare comprehensive reports for both warehouse operators and law enforcement. Accurate and timely reports can help police solve crimes and nab those responsible for them, keeping your employees and customers safe and secure. 

Warehouse and Commercial Building Security Guards Nationwide   

At Off Duty Officers, we provide professional, highly trained and reliable security guards for warehouse and commercial building owners across the United States. For over 25 years, we have been the leading provider of off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for those who want the best in security for their business. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you address your greatest security concerns, contact the security specialists at Off Duty Officers today. Our team is standing by to help you assess your risks and offer you custom security solutions for your budget. 

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