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Firearm Safety: 8 Rules for Safe Gun Handling

Firearm Safety: 8 Rules for Safe Gun Handling

Gun safety continues to be a hot topic around the world. It seems like another mass shooting appears on the news every week in this country and around the world. No matter where you stand on the topic, everyone can agree that firearm safety is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Handling a firearm is a serious responsibility. Whether you are a new or an experienced gun owner, anyone who handles a gun must know how to operate it with safety in mind. Both gun operators and those around them can be at risk for severe injury or even death if they do not follow the proper safety precautions. 

When you are handling a firearm, there are universal safety rules that must be followed to minimize the risk of an incident. In this article, we will highlight eight cardinal rules of gun safety that can keep you and your family safe.  

The Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety

Always assume a gun is loaded. Why? Because assuming a gun is not loaded is precisely how many gun-related accidents occur. Even if you are sure there is no ammunition in the chamber, you should always visually check to verify. Responsible gun operators will always unload a firearm when not in use.  

Don’t point your gun at anything you do not want to shoot. Accidental shootings can be significantly reduced if operators take care to point the muzzle away from people, animals or anything they do not intend to kill. If a discharge does occur unexpectedly, there will be a higher chance of avoiding serious injury. It is critical to keep in mind what is beyond the trajectory of a bullet. Whether a purposeful shot or not, bullets can travel through walls and floors, ricochet and cause injury to other people.   

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Prevent accidents by making it a habit to keep your finger resting on the side of the gun, rather than on the trigger. This one habit alone can help you avoid accidental discharges that result in injury.

Keep your gun maintained and serviced. You probably wouldn’t go on a road trip with a car that hasn’t been serviced in years. So, why would you use a gun that hasn’t been adequately cleaned or maintained? If you are unsure of how to do this yourself, consult a professional gunsmith to inspect, clean and adjust your firearm.

Never leave your gun unattended. Do not risk a child, inexperienced family member or criminal taking possession of your firearm. Have a system in place for securing and storing your gun. Taking extra precautions can mean the difference between life and death for you or someone you love.

Wear eye and ear protection. Whenever you shoot a gun, take precautions to protect yourself. Some of the most common usage injuries from shooting a firearm include hearing loss and eye damage. Guns are very loud and repeated firing without ear protection can lead to severe hearing loss in the future. Firearms also emit particles and gas that can cause injury to your eyes and vision loss.

Use the correct ammunition. Guns are not meant to be used with just any type of ammo. Check the owner’s manual or the barrel of the gun to learn which kind of ammunition should be used with your firearm. Using incorrect ammo could result in damage to the gun or injury to yourself or others.

Never use a gun under the influence of any substances. The misuse of a firearm can result in serious consequences. Under no circumstances should a gun be used by someone who is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that impairs judgment. Even the most experienced gun users can make a mistake when drugs or alcohol cloud their thinking.

Firearm Safety is Your Responsibility

No matter if you are at the shooting range or in your home, safety should be your number one priority when handling or operating a firearm. Besides following these cardinal rules of firearm safety, many hunting and shooting classes are available to teach you how to be safe when using a firearm. It is your responsibility to know how to operate your gun and keep it secure for the safety of yourself and your family.   

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Trade Show Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Event Safe

Trade Show Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Event Safe

Trade shows can be incredible opportunities to network, market new and existing businesses and learn about the latest trends in an industry. These events attract thousands of people, including some high-profile individuals such as celebrities, executives and politicians. With this amount of exposure, trade shows can be magnets for serious security concerns that could put thousands of attendees in harm’s way.

All too often, we see violence carried out against innocent people like concertgoers, runners and commuters, to name a few. We never know when or where a horrific attack will occur. With this uncertainty, event managers must take the security of their events seriously. Making security a priority will not only show attendees that the event producers care about their safety, but it will demonstrate the professionalism of the event itself.

Unfortunately, many trade show producers put security on the bottom of their lists. In the world we live in today, a lack of attention to event security is no longer an option. If you are planning a trade show or large event, consider the following five guidelines for successful trade show security in our modern world.

5 Guidelines for Trade Show Security

Hire security experts.

Event producers are not necessarily security experts. It is essential to hire a professional security company that has experience handling an event of your size and the types of security threats that you might expect. Allow the security experts to assess your event beforehand to determine appropriate staffing for the venue, number of attendees and type of event.

Many event producers leave security preparations for the end of the planning process, once all of the event arrangements and logistics have been set. Unfortunately, this can be problematic. The security experts will be forced to make do with the logistics that have already been determined, and these might not be best from a security standpoint. To avoid costly changes or weaknesses in your security plan, bring in security experts at the beginning of the planning process.

Make a budget for security.

After consulting with a professional security company, you will have a better idea of what needs to be done to ensure the safety and security of your event. It is important to set aside the appropriate amount of money in your budget for security personnel and other security measures.

With the threats of terrorism and active shooter events regularly on the news, your security measures should not be bare bones. This may mean cutting back in other areas like catering or marketing. However, when people’s lives and your reputation are on the line, no amount of money should be spared.

Screen all guests and staff.

The largest trade shows may have thousands of people coming in and out of the venue each day, including exhibitors, guests, vendors and staff. Due to these high volumes, it is critical to have a robust screening process for all who enter the building.

The first step is to have clear credentials for all guests, including staff. Proper identification will allow you to monitor access to the event and manage access to restricted areas. Trade show producers can take other steps to screen visitors such as:

  • Installing walk-through metal detectors
  • Requiring visual inspections of bags
  • Metal-detecting wands to inspect bags and other items brought into the venue
  • Limiting the number of entrances to the site
  • Utilizing K-9 security sweeps

Consider the use of cameras and other technology.

Security measures like those mentioned above are effective. However, it will not be possible for security personnel to monitor all areas of the venue at all times. Security cameras and other security technology can help fill in those gaps.

The mere presence of cameras throughout the venue can deter would-be criminals from perpetrating crimes like theft or vandalism. When cameras capture a crime or attack taking place, event producers have a better chance of identifying and catching the perpetrator.

Prepare for medical emergencies.

Crime and violence are not the only emergencies that can occur at a large trade show or event. With thousands of people in one place, there is always a chance that a serious medical emergency could occur. Smart event producers will always have a medical crew on site and ready to respond to medical events such as falls, heart attacks, allergy attacks or other medical conditions.

All staff should know what to do and who to contact in the event of a medical emergency. Telephone numbers for the nearest hospital, police department and fire department should be easily accessible to all staff and security personnel.

Prepare Your Trade Show for Success

Although it isn’t possible to predict a medical or security emergency at a big trade show or event, the most successful event producers recognize the importance of preparation. If you are planning a trade show, be sure that your security plan is number one on your list. Not only will having proper security measures in place give you peace of mind, it will also ensure the best possible experience for all who attend.

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20 Tips for Staying Safe During a Hurricane

20 Tips for Staying Safe During a Hurricane

The threat of a hurricane can be scary for those living in hurricane-prone areas along the southern and eastern coasts of the United States. As a hurricane makes its way toward land, residents of these areas are faced with the unknown. The possibility of losing their homes, the destruction of their property and the physical danger to their families are genuine risks. 

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which caused massive destruction in the Bahamas and damage along the East Coast of North America, the need to be prepared for extreme weather is clear. If you live in a hurricane zone, there are certain preparations you can make beforehand to help protect your home and your family. Making preparations before a hurricane hits and knowing what to do during and after a big storm can give you and your family the best chance of coming out safe and sound.

20 Tips for Hurricane Safety

Recent hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy, Irma, Harvey and Dorian left a trail of devastation. But unlike other extreme weather, hurricanes can be tracked several days in advance. Tracking gives residents living in the storm’s path some time to prepare and take the necessary precautions. Still, you never know when a hurricane will hit. While September is the most common month for hurricanes to touch land, hurricane season actually runs from June through November.

Are you concerned about hurricane safety? Do you have a safety plan for before, during and after a massive hurricane? Read on to learn how you can keep your home and family secure during a dangerous storm.

Pre-season Hurricane Preparation Tips

Create a hurricane emergency kit. Have an easily transportable bag or container ready to go with the necessary supplies you might need in an evacuation. Some useful emergency items include a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, tools, cash and medications.

Have an evacuation plan. If you must evacuate your home, all family members must know exactly what to do and where to go. Assign each family member a role and establish a designated meeting place. Make sure your family is familiar with the evacuation route in case communication is impossible.

Organize your important documents. Valuable documents such as passports and birth certificates should be kept in a waterproof folder that is easily accessible and in a known location to all family members.

Stock up on food and water. You never know how destructive a hurricane will be and what resources will be unavailable. Include a supply of non-perishable food and bottled water with your emergency kit. Be sure to have several day’s worth of supplies for each member of your family.

Prepare your home. The best time to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible is before hurricane season hits. There are many precautions you can take to fortify your home in advance, such as obtaining comprehensive insurance, purchasing supplies to reinforce doors and windows and installing a generator. 

What to Do During a Hurricane Warning  

Reinforce windows and doors. Secure windows, doors and other openings with plywood or specialty storm shutters to increase their stability. Windows and doors are especially susceptible to high winds and floodwaters.

Fuel up your vehicles. Be sure that your vehicles have a full tank of fuel before the storm. In the event that you must evacuate, you will be able to leave the area quickly without worrying about gas shortages along the evacuation route.

Sign up for hurricane alerts. FEMA and local authorities will issue hurricane notifications and updates. Make sure that you sign up to receive these alerts, so you are kept up-to-date on evacuation requirements and procedures.

Clear large outdoor items. Take preventative measures by removing or securing outdoor furniture, large branches, trash cans or any other loose items that could become hazards during high winds and heavy rains.

Have all emergency and food supplies handy. Your emergency kit and food supplies won’t be any good if they are not easily accessible. Make sure that you keep these resources in an easily accessible location where they can be quickly grabbed if needed.

What to Do During a Hurricane

Evacuate when ordered. Always abide by calls to evacuate your area immediately. Do not think you can outlast the storm. Evacuations are called for a reason – to keep people safe.

Stay away from windows and doors. Winds and floodwaters can break windows and blow in doors. Secure yourself in an interior, windowless room that is on the lower level of your home.

Do not go outside. Wait until you get the all-clear from authorities before going outside. Remember that calm weather does not always indicate that the storm has passed. It can mean that you are in the eye of the storm and that there is more to come. 

Avoid contact with electrical devices. The risk of electrocution is high during a hurricane. Turn off large appliances and avoid anything with an electric current until given clearance from the authorities.

After the hurricane has passed, there are still many safety threats that residents face as they return to their homes and communities. Follow these basic rules after a hurricane: 

  • Wait for clearance from authorities before returning to your home.
  • Avoid walking in flooded areas.
  • Avoid driving in flooded areas.
  • Avoid downed power lines.
  • Take care when re-entering your home for weak floorboards and crumbling roofs.
  • Do not drink tap water. 

Be Prepared for the Next Big Hurricane

A hurricane can be devastating. Be sure that you take precautions before hurricane season starts by gathering the necessary supplies, creating a plan and fortifying your home. Preparation and knowledge are the keys to keeping your family safe and your property secure. 

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5 Qualities of a Successful Security Guard

5 Qualities of a Successful Security Guard

Many people go about their days without thinking much about the security professionals that keep them safe. Shopping centers, grocery stores, corporate buildings and restaurants employ security guards to keep their customers secure and deter criminals from targeting their businesses. The mere presence of a uniformed security guard is often enough to prevent theft, vandalism or violent crimes from occurring in our communities. 

Without the hard work, dedication and training of professional security personnel, the public would be at a much greater risk of experiencing serious threats to their safety in their day to day lives. 

If you are considering a position as a security guard, you are probably aware of the many options that the field offers qualified individuals. Dedicated security guards can be found in almost every type of retail, commercial or residential business. It is a great career that can be both lucrative and rewarding for those who possess the right qualities for success. 

Are you wondering if you have what it takes? Here are 5 of the top qualities that the most successful security guards have in common.  

5 Qualities of a Successful Security Guard 


Businesses hire security guards to keep their most valuable assets safe. Whether that is expensive merchandise, money, their employees or their customers, a business owner needs to feel confident that they can trust the guards on duty. 

Dishonest security guards can pose a high risk for business owners. A guard who uses his or her position to steal property from their client will cost businesses much more than just their peace of mind. Or a guard who knowingly allows unauthorized people on a property can leave the business at risk for a variety of crimes and liabilities. An honest security guard will always act with integrity while on shift and put the best interests of their client first.


A successful security guard is one that can be relied on to do their job, and to do it well. They will arrive on time and work hard for the duration of their shift. After all, security is only effective when the guard is present, alert and prepared for any security threat that may come their way. In any job, reliability is key. However, when it comes to security, a guard who is a no-show or arrives late could put lives in danger. 

Clear Communication 

The job of a security guard is so much more than protecting people and property. A security guard will be dealing with members of the public, some are honest citizens while others may have criminal motives. A successful security guard will be able to clearly communicate with people from all walks of life. They will be able to speak respectfully yet authoritatively to ensure that rules are followed and people stay as safe as possible. 

Further, a successful security guard will need to be able to clearly communicate to their superiors, the client and law enforcement in the aftermath of a security event. They may also be tasked with writing clear yet thorough incident reports or providing a verbal statement to the police. 

Quick Thinking

There is no telling if and when a security situation may occur. Often these situations happen when you least expect them. A successful security guard is alert, prepared and able to think quickly in the face of an emergency. The best guards can rapidly assess a situation and determine the most appropriate response to de-escalate it and keep people safe. Trained guards will have the tools they need to act confidently and handle any security threat that they may encounter.

Leadership and Teamwork 

Effective security is a team effort. Even though many security guards seemingly work independently, the reality is that they are often part of a security team. That team not only includes other security guards but the clients, law enforcement personnel and any other person that may be on site. 

The best security guards understand that they are in a leadership role. They are comfortable giving direction and making decisions when it really counts. Yet, they also understand that they are part of a security team and that they may be required to take orders from others for the highest good of all involved. 

Honesty, reliability, clear communication, quick thinking and leadership. Although these qualities can be found in some of the best and most successful security guards in the business, there are many other qualities that can make a security guard stand out from the crowd. Physical fitness, professional training, customer service and respect are just some of the other qualities that can help a guard advance in their career.

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9 Back To School Safety Tips

9 Back to School Safety Tips

For many children across the country, school is back in session. With the mad rush to gather the proper supplies, meet the new teachers and organize transportation, it can be easy to forget to review some basic safety tips with your children. Security is something that we all need to think about. Unfortunately, there are many potential dangers that children face going to and from school. Teaching them safety rules early and reinforcing them often will help your children be more aware of their surroundings and be better equipped to protect themselves when you are not around.

As a security company, Off Duty Officers cares about the safety of the people living in the communities we serve. When we are security-minded, we can all live in a safer and more peaceful society. Read these back to school safety tips and review them with your child as they begin the new school year.

9 Back to School Safety Tips

Tips for Staying Safe at Home

With parents often working during the day, there are many children who return to an empty house after school. Children of any age, even older middle school or high school students, need to understand certain safety rules when they are home on their own.

Understand your security system.

Do you have a security system in your home? Your children should be knowledgeable about how to activate and deactivate the system as well as how to use the alarm system to alert the authorities in case there is an intruder or other emergency. Remind your child of the importance of keeping the security code private. They should never share this with anyone without the permission of a parent.

Know who to contact in the event of an emergency.

If an emergency happens, you want your children to know exactly who to contact and where to find that information. Make sure you have a detailed and up-to-date emergency contact list that includes law enforcement, the fire department, trusted neighbors, family, friends and doctors. Keep this information in a safe and memorable location so your child always knows where to find it.

Do not open the door for any stranger.

When your child is home alone, all doors should be locked. If someone they do not recognize rings the doorbell, teach them to stay quiet and out of view of the door until the stranger leaves. Instruct them to call 911 right away if the stranger lingers around the property or attempts to get in your home. Tell them that it is okay to not answer the door when the doorbell rings, even if they know the person on the other side. 

Tips for Staying Safe at School

We would all like to think that children are safe at school. However, we know that this is not always the case. It can be a scary thing to talk about with your child, but it’s important to discuss safety rules and prepare them for any kind of emergency that might occur in school.

Know your basic contact information.

The first thing your child should learn before they head off to school is their family’s contact information. If they get lost or if there is a school emergency, your child should be able to provide your home phone number, address and an emergency contact phone number. It is also smart to make sure that younger children are familiar with their neighborhoods and the streets that surround it.

Never go anywhere with a stranger.

Predators who may wish to do children harm can lure them into their vehicle using tactics such as a lost puppy, free candy or snacks or pretending to know their parents. Make sure your children know that they should never enter the vehicle of a stranger under any circumstances and no matter what the stranger says. If your child is approached by a stranger, teach them to scream and run away so as to draw attention to the situation.

Trust your instincts.

In general, children don’t have much control. They are always having adults tell them what they should do and should not do. However, it is really important to help your child to trust themselves and follow their gut. If something doesn’t feel right, teach them that it’s okay to say no to an adult or to other kids if they feel uncomfortable. You may even role play with your child so they know what language to use in these situations.

Tips for Staying Safe on the Road 

Cross at the crosswalk.

During the school year, the roads are busy and drivers can easily be distracted. Drivers may not expect your child to cross in the middle of the street or in between cars. Teach your children how to be good pedestrians by modeling the proper behavior and walking the route to and from school with them so they know exactly where to cross and when. 

Always have a buddy.

Make sure that your child does not walk, bike or wait at the bus stop on their own. Find a friend, neighbor or trusted family member who can walk with your child to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. If an emergency were to occur, having another person with your child will increase the chances of getting the help they need quickly.

Travel a busy path.

While it might be tempting for your child to take a shortcut to school, make sure that they are on a path that is heavily traveled with clear sidewalks or trails. The route should be well-lit and should avoid areas that are unsafe, desolate or out of the way.

Communicating with your child about safety and setting boundaries and expectations for them will help give you peace of mind and prepare them for dangerous situations. Hopefully, these few tips can help you start a conversation with your child so you both can have a safe and successful school year.

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4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

Congratulations! You’ve scored an interview for an exciting role as a security guard with a professional security company. But even if you have all the experience in the world, interviewing for a new job can cause a lot of anxiety. Many people feel uncomfortable selling themselves and talking about their unique set of skills and experiences to a potential employer. 

No matter if you are newly entering the security industry or if you are a seasoned professional, you might benefit from these tips on how to ace your upcoming security guard interview. 

Like many things in life, preparation is key. Even the best and the brightest may be overlooked for a position if they come to an interview unprepared. Why? If a candidate does not prepare for an interview, an employer won’t feel confident that the candidate will be serious about the role and be prepared when they arrive on the job each day. 

4 Tips for Acing Your Security Guard Interview

Research the Company

Interviewers appreciate when candidates show that they are taking the job opportunity seriously. One way to demonstrate this is to research the company you are interviewing with. Your ability to include certain facts about the company in your conversation will show that you’ve put the time into preparing for your interview and that you care about your performance. 

Although it’s not necessary to know every detail about the company, there are certain pieces of information that will be vital to an informed conversation and allow you to ask impressive questions.

Study the following prior to your interview:


What is the mission and vision of the organization? What principles guide them in their work?

Who are the leaders of the organization? What are their professional and educational backgrounds?

Has the company recently been in the news? Are there any current events that directly impact the work of the company? 

Who are the company’s major competitors? What is the current competitive climate and how does the company stand out from the rest?

Does the company have a social media presence? What are some of the recent topics of conversation on their social media platforms? 

Know Your Résumé

Your résumé will get you in the door, but your ability to explain your experience and education clearly and confidently will get you hired for the job. Take the time to know your résumé in and out. 

Be able to seamlessly explain your responsibilities with each of your previous employers and emphasize the successes that you had in each role. Be specific when talking about your achievements by using numbers and anecdotes or highlighting awards that you have received.

Practice Common Interview Questions 

To have a successful interview, practice answering some of the most common security guard interview questions. Enlist a close friend or family member to ask you questions and provide honest feedback on your responses. When answering interview questions, it is always best to be confident, clear and concise. Rambling responses do not demonstrate confidence and can lead to miscommunication. 

Below is a list of common interview questions that you might encounter during a security guard interview. Practice answering these questions by relating your specific skills, character traits, professional experiences and successes in your responses. Providing supporting information will give your interviewer a more accurate picture of what they can expect from you as an employee.

Common Security Guard Interview Questions


What got you started in the security industry? 

Why do you want to be a security guard?

What do you believe are the most important character traits for a security guard? 

Why do you want to work for our company? 

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

How have you handled …. situations in the past? 

What would you do in …. scenario?

Why do you think you are ideal for this role?

What questions do you have for me?

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer

An interview is not a one-way street. Both you and the security company want to determine if you are the right fit for each other. On the one side, they want to determine if you have the skills to do the job and the personality to fit in with the company culture. On the other side, you want to find out if they can provide you with a challenging position that provides training, opportunities to advance and whatever else is most important to you. 

Planning questions ahead of time serves other purposes as well. It allows you to demonstrate your preparedness and enthusiasm for the role. And it gives you the chance to ask well-researched, knowledgeable questions about the company. 

Ready to Ace Your Interview? 

With these practical steps, you should be well on your way to nailing your interview and getting the security guard job that you want. For more information about becoming a security guard and boosting your security guard résumé, read our post How to Get a Security Guard Job.  

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Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services

Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services

As a business owner, what are your primary concerns when it comes to your business? If you said costs and security, you are not alone. Many business owners are tasked with finding a happy medium between efficient spending and protecting their assets. When it comes to providing security services, it may seem logical and cost-effective to hire in-house security guards to keep your business, property, employees and customers safe. 

Although at first glance this may seem like the most cost-effective solution, it’s important to take a look at the many advantages that outsourcing your security guard services can provide. In reality, outsourcing your security guard protection to a reputable and experienced security guard company is usually a more affordable, effective and time-saving choice for businesses.

Let’s explore some of the top benefits of outsourcing security guard services rather than hiring an in-house security workforce. 

The Top Advantages of Outsourcing Your Security Guard Services

Allows you to focus on your business. 

Hiring, managing and understanding the roles of security personnel isn’t an easy task. Many business owners don’t have the knowledge and experience it takes to hire the best and most qualified security guards for the job. Even if you have hired the right guards for your business, it will require significant time and day-to-day management of your security personnel to ensure that things are running smoothly. And if your business needs guards for after-hour shifts, the added stress of finding a replacement in the middle of the night will be substantial. 

Outsourcing your security guard services to a company with experience and a reputation to match means that you won’t have to worry about the administrative aspects of managing your security team. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are professionals handling the team to take care of any personnel or security issues that arise. When an issue does arise, like a no-show security guard or a guard failing to perform his or her duties properly, you won’t have to spend your time and resources on fixing the problem. You will have a dedicated team to ensure that you are getting the services you need.

Saves you resources and money. 

The decision to provide in-house security is not usually the most cost-effective way to protect your business. Often the costs associated with uniforms, equipment, vehicles, insurance and other overhead costs will far exceed those of outsourcing superior security services. Plus, you and other management staff will not need to spend your time managing security personnel and administrative issues related to the security of your business. 

Ensures you have qualified security personnel. 

When you hire an experienced security guard company like Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that you are getting a team of professionals who know how to screen, train and hire the best of the best. Reputable companies are skilled at matching guards with the needs of your business and providing alternate options if required for any reason. And with the ever-increasing competition in the security guard industry today, companies are more diligent than ever before in setting high standards for their security guards.  

Provides continuity and reliability. 

No matter the size of your business, chances are that your security team won’t be as vast as the staff available at a professional security guard company. What happens when an in-house guard is sick or doesn’t show up for work? What happens when one or more of your guards quit unexpectedly? What do you do when an emergency situation occurs and you need additional hands on deck? 

Outsourcing your security guard services means that you can feel confident that you have a nearly endless pool of qualified guards available at a moment’s notice. Whenever the situation calls for increased protection or replacements, a professional security guard company like Off Duty Officers can dispatch the right team, right away. 

Hiring a Professional Security Guard Company

Whether you decide to hire in-house security guards or outsource your security services to a professional security guard company, it is always advised that you do your research. In general, outsourcing these services can be more cost-effective and provide your business with a greater sense of security, consistency and peace of mind. 

If you think that professional security guard services are the best choice for your business, contact our team of security experts at Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, we have been one of the leading providers of highly trained, reliable and skilled security guards for businesses across the United States. When you are considering outsourcing your security services, there is only one company to call – Off Duty Officers. 

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Your Guide to the Most Common Types of Security Guards

Your Guide to the Most Common Types of Security Guards

Are you considering a career as a security guard? Are you a business owner who is concerned about the safety of your employees and property? No matter if you are looking to start your career in security or hire a professional security company, it is helpful to know the common types of security guards and the various options available to you. 

Security guards can work in a wide variety of industries and can possess a range of skills. In general, guards act to deter threats, detect suspicious behavior, prevent crime and report criminal incidents to the appropriate authorities. Guards have the training and experience to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a threat. They are skilled at de-escalating tense and potentially dangerous people and situations, while still employing keen customer service skills to deal with the public.  

With all of the options available within the industry, prospective security guards and businesses looking to hire a security guard company have to do their research. This guide will briefly describe the most common types of security guards and their typical duties. At Off Duty Officers, we have been providing highly skilled and experienced security guards for over 25 years. If you have questions about security guards, give our team a call to learn more about the services we offer or how to join our team. 

The Different Types of Security Guards  

Armed Guards 

Armed guards carry firearms or other weapons and require more training than an unarmed guard. They are typically hired to work in high-risk environments and in locations that house valuable assets. Because of the presence of firearms, armed guards are usually a more expensive option for business owners. 

Unarmed Guards 

Unarmed guards are effective at deterring would-be criminals and acting fast in the face of an emergency. They may only carry non-lethal weapons. Unarmed guards do not require as much training as armed guards, so many businesses owners find unarmed guards to be an effective and more affordable security solution. 

Mobile Patrol 

Compared to a stationary guard who may be posted in a specific location, mobile security guards patrol their assigned areas on foot or by vehicle. Mobile patrols are effective at monitoring for crime and detecting changes in the environment that could leave a business or property at risk. 

Residential Guards 

Residential guards can be employed by apartment complexes, gated communities, HOAs and private homeowners. The primary duty of residential security guards is to protect people and property from theft, vandalism and bodily harm. They can also manage access to properties, perform mobile patrols and coordinate with law or fire agencies in a security situation. 

Fire Watch Protection 

Sometimes required by the Fire Marshal, fire watch security is deployed in the event that a business has experienced a malfunctioning fire alarm or sprinkler system. Fire watch guards will monitor for signs of a fire, identify fire hazards, assist in evacuations and liaise with the fire department. 

Construction Security 

Construction site security professionals ensure that valuable equipment and materials are protected from theft and vandalism. They also monitor entry points to ensure that only authorized people are on site. Construction site guards are often required to work after hours. 

Corporate Event Security 

Corporate events such as shareholder meetings, product launches, trade shows and conventions employ security guards to keep people safe and secure. They can manage disruptions and unruly attendees, check identification and credentials at entrances and communicate with law enforcement during and after an incident. 

Workplace Violence Guards 

Security guards can help businesses mitigate threats during large-scale layoffs, terminations and company-wide meetings or events. Professional workplace violence security guards are trained in techniques to identify potentially violent individuals and situations, and deter threats to keep employees and customers safe. 

Retail Security 

Retail security guards are one of the most effective ways for businesses to reduce theft. The presence of a uniformed guard alone is often all that is needed to deter someone from attempting their crime. Retail security guards can also monitor for suspicious behavior, employee theft and vandalism. 

VIP and Executive Protection

Celebrities, executives and other high-profile individuals employ professional VIP security guards to protect them from overzealous fans or dangerous people who wish to do them harm. These guards are highly trained to spot potential threats and act quickly to protect their clients from harassment, violence and other crimes. 

Learn More About the Security Guards at Off Duty Officers 

This guide gives you an overview of the most common types of security guards and how they can protect their clients. However, there is much more to learn if you are considering a career in the security industry or if you are looking to hire Off Duty Officers to provide your business with professional, experienced security personnel. 

For more information, check out these two resources that you may find helpful as you begin your research:  How to Get a Security Guard Job and Is It Time to Hire Security Guards for Your Business.

The security specialists at Off Duty Officers are always available to answer your questions. If you think you need security services, call us for a quote. As a leader in security guard services nationwide, thousands of business owners have trusted their security to us. 

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How To Get a Security Guard Job

How to Get a Security Guard Job

The need for men and women with security skills is on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the security guard industry in the United States is expected to grow by 5% through 2024. Customers across a wide variety of industries continue to rely on professional, licensed security guards to protect their most valuable people and business assets.

With the exciting growth of the industry and the continued need for security guard services, many people are interested in beginning a career as a security guard. The field offers a great deal of variety – security guards can be found monitoring access to a massive construction site, de-escalating rowdy crowds at a football game or deterring thieves from ransacking homes in a residential community. Many people are drawn to security jobs because they often offer a mix of danger and adventure with the satisfaction of knowing that they have protected people and property from harm. 

However, it can be confusing to understand the requirements and education required to become a certified security professional. Training requirements vary from state to state and from security company to security company. For those who are interested in entering the profession, it is critical that they have knowledge of the basic requirements, training and continuing education required to build their security guard résumés and successful careers. 

How to Get Your First Security Guard Position

Review the Basic Requirements 

To be considered for a security guard license in your state, you must meet some basic requirements. Although they vary from state to state, the requirements are generally consistent across the country. Some of the considerations in order to apply for a security guard license include:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must pass a background investigation.
  • You must obtain a fingerprint scan.
  • You may need to submit to drug testing.
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You must complete the security guard training requirements for your state.

If you are not sure what is required by your state or municipality, contact your state licensing board for specific information related to the basic requirements and training needs. You may also choose to contact local security guard companies to research the licensing and training rules in your area.

Complete an Accredited Training Program 

To become certified, candidates must complete a security guard training program. The hours required and the format of the classes may vary from state to state. However, most training programs include an initial 8-hour class that covers some foundational security skills. Following these eight hours, most training programs include some combination of security classes, physical training classes or on-the-job training that total approximately 40 hours.

Many people these days choose to complete their training online rather than attend an in-person course. While this is common, it is important to do your research to make sure that your training program is accredited in your state and provides the training you need to receive your license and obtain a job.

A typical security guard training program will cover a variety of topics that security guards working in most positions will need to be successful in their roles. Some of the topics and skills covered generally include:

  • Power to arrest
  • De-escalation tactics
  • Identifying suspicious behavior
  • Restraining dangerous individuals
  • Understanding the laws protecting people and property
  • Terrorism prevention
  • Public relations and communication
  • Anti-discrimination training

Other additional training may be required based on the unique requests of the security guard company that hires a candidate. Many prospective security guards who wish to fulfill certain specialized security roles may see the need to obtain additional certifications. For example, armed guards will need to acquire the proper certifications to carry and use firearms. Other security guards may deem it beneficial to become certified in CPR and other basic life-saving techniques.

Apply for Security Guard Positions 

Once a candidate obtains the appropriate license for their state, they can then begin to apply for security guard positions. There are a wide variety of security jobs out there, with more and more becoming available every day. Like in any other profession, it is encouraged for new security guards to consider their ideal career path within the profession. 

If there is a specific specialty that interests you, develop a plan to obtain the skills and certifications you may need for those roles. If you are considering a career in law enforcement, choose positions and educational opportunities, such as a criminal justice degree, to put yourself in the best position for success.

Start Your Career in the Security Industry

Although this is a general overview of the requirements and training needed for the majority of potential security guards, it is still important to research the standards for your state. At Off Duty Officers, we have been hiring some of the most well-trained and highly-professional security guards since 1993. We require our guards to be licensed and we provide extensive continuing education for our guards that far exceeds our competitors.

If you are considering a career as a security guard, we encourage you to do your research into the accredited training programs near you. When you are ready for a fulfilling career with one of the leaders in the field, complete our initial application on our website and one of our security specialists will review your information right away and contact you if you are the right fit. 

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The Top 5 Duties of a Security Guard

The Top 5 Duties of Security Guards

Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to protect people and property from harm? You might want to consider a career as a professional security guard. Security guards play an important role in protecting the things that matter most. Guards can be found in retail establishments, construction sites, hospitals or guarding VIPs and high-profile executives. 

If you are thinking about a career in the security field, you most likely have a number of questions about the typical duties and responsibilities of security guards. The truth is that the specific duties vary depending on the needs of the customer. In general, security guards act as a deterrent. Their job is to prevent a crime from happening by proactively watching for suspicious behavior, mitigating risks as they appear and contacting the proper authorities when an incident occurs. Simply put, security guards keep people, property and other valuable assets safe and secure. 

The Top Duties of Security Personnel 

Security guards can take on a variety of roles depending upon the needs of the customer. Off Duty Officers provides some of the most professional security guard services for customers in a wide range of industries and for a variety of security needs. We specialize in the following security solutions: 

  • Fire Watch 
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
  • Workplace Violence
  • Corporate Events
  • Executive Protection
  • VIP and Personal Security 
  • Trade Show Security
  • Residential Security
  • Retail Security 
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Temporary Security Personnel 
  • Construction Site Security

Many retired or off-duty law enforcement and military personnel find a career as a security guard challenging and fulfilling. Let’s explore 5 of the top roles and responsibilities of security guards. 

5 Top Responsibilities of Security Personnel

Be a visible deterrent to crime. 

Criminals are far less likely to perpetrate a crime such as theft, vandalism or a physical assault when there is a security guard present. The mere presence of security personnel will stop would-be burglars, muggers and shoplifters from attempting to cause harm to people or property. 

Identifying suspicious behavior.

While your employees are busy doing their jobs, criminals could be at work doing their jobs. Businesses benefit greatly from having a dedicated team keeping watch and identifying irregular and suspicious behavior. Business owners cannot expect their employees to have the skills to identify when something isn’t right. Security guards have the training and expertise to identify when there is a smell, sound or sight that is abnormal and needs attention.  

Contacting and communicating with the authorities.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation, security guards act as a knowledgeable resource and point of contact for the authorities. Security guards are trained to observe and gather the information that fire or law enforcement authorities need to do their jobs. Security guards act as partners with business owners, police and fire services.

Monitoring access to properties. 

One of the most prevalent threats for businesses is unauthorized access to a property. Hospitals, construction sites, schools and other high-profile organizations understand the need for vigilant monitoring of their entrances and exits. Security guards can check credentials and maintain logs of visitors, vendors and employees. 

Taking action in emergency situations. 

Security guards have the skills and training to respond to any emergency as it arises. As a dedicated watchful eye, security personnel are often the first to know about a security situation and the first to act. They are able to assist in evacuations and other serious security events. 

Do You Want to Become a Security Guard? 

If you think you want to be a security guard, it’s important to know the primary roles and responsibilities of security personnel to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Businesses across all industries are hiring professional security personnel to help protect their most valuable assets. Guards are trained to know how to handle any variety of situations and react appropriately to the needs of any business.

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been the nation’s leading provider of off-duty law enforcement and military personnel to businesses in industries including healthcare, technology, construction and entertainment. A career in security is fulfilling, challenging and ever-changing. Although we just touched upon some of the primary duties of security guards, the job can offer an endless number of responsibilities for those who want to serve and protect. 

If you are interested in starting a career with Off Duty Officers, provide us with your information and we will contact all qualified candidates. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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