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Senior Communities Opting for On-Site Security Guards at Entrances

By ODO Administrator | May 24, 2022

Residential security is becoming more common, and over 55 communities are popping up across the nation. Residents and potential buyers are demanding exceptional security and service, achieved with in-person security guards at entrances.

black friday shopping security

Increasing Mall Security for Heavy Summer Traffic

By ODO Administrator | May 19, 2022

Whether it is the assumption that theft at the mall is not significant enough to warrant hiring security guards or merely ignoring the growing risk of loss for retailers, both should be re-addressed before summer kicks in.

Workplace Violence Security Guards

Can Workplace Ownership Create Conflict?

By ODO Administrator | May 10, 2022

Corporations are taking measures to encourage mental wellness in the workplace, but some have added private security guards as a precaution and deterrent to any unwelcome behavior.

Off Duty Johnny Dep

Security Guard Offers Testimony in Johnny Depp’s Case

By ODO Administrator | May 5, 2022

It is not surprising that security guards are often called upon to provide testimonies and eyewitness accounts in court cases. Security guards, coming from professional military and law enforcement backgrounds, are incredibly articulate when describing an event or occurrence, providing clarity to the attorneys, jurors, and judge.

ODO Park Security

Park Security Guards Ensure Safe Summer Fun

By ODO Administrator | April 27, 2022

Whether a local community park or a city park, parks naturally become more crowded as the summer kicks in. Communities are ramping up with private security to monitor park grounds during peak hours, allowing a safe experience for everyone involved.

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Security Guards Safeguard End-of-Year School Events

By ODO Administrator | April 20, 2022

End-of-school events, such as commencements, proms, and grad parties seem harmless enough, but elevated emotions and celebrations deserve private security.

ODO Disaster

Security Guards Provide Invaluable Disaster Relief

By ODO Administrator | April 15, 2022

Security Guards Provide Invaluable Disaster Relief When disaster strikes, no matter how prepared people are, there always seems to be something unpredicted. Following a disaster, many seek relief through fundraising and community efforts, and in extreme situations, the National Guard will come to provide temporary assistance. After a disaster hits, it takes some time to…

employee termination

Workplace Violence on The Rise

By ODO Administrator | April 5, 2022

Employers need to know that to keep business running smoothly, measures must be taken to ensure employees feel safe and ARE safe.
The pressure is to provide extra safety measures as more significant numbers of workers return to the workplace.


Top Four Security Trends in 2022

By ODO Administrator | March 29, 2022

Successful security companies adapted and transitioned their guards successfully to meet the changing needs of companies in 2022.

OffDutyBacktoWork 1

Security Guards for Florida Workers Returning to the Office

By ODO Administrator | March 25, 2022

It is essential to make people feel welcome back in the workplace when they return and provide an extra authoritative presence to ensure things run smoothly.

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