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building security guard

Security Guards: The First Line of Defense

By ODO Administrator | September 15, 2022

Building security guards are essential to protect banks, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other important facilities. The highest-level security guards protect not only the property but also the people. The first line of defense against various criminal activities is private security detail dedicated to providing clients high-level safety.

election vote poll

Increasing Security at Polls Protects American Voters

By ODO Administrator | September 8, 2022

On November 8, 2022, those who have not voted by mail or absentee ballot will head out to their local polling locations to vote. As this midterm election is critical, organizers are ramping up with private security detail as an extra measure of safety to encourage strong voter turnout.

Construction Bulldozer

Protecting Construction Sites with Security Guard Coverage

By ODO Administrator | August 31, 2022

Construction sites are at the top of the list when it comes to targets for crime in America. Large equipment, technology cables, and pricey finishing materials disappearing off a construction site can devastate project managers and owners. One solution that construction managers use more frequently now than before is hiring top-notch construction site security guards.

unarmed security

When Unarmed Security Guards Make Sense

By ODO Administrator | August 27, 2022

Companies across the nation realize that to increase employee retention and repeat customer business. There is an unsaid demand for a higher level of safety. To meet this demand, for the first time, business owners are finding room in the budget to enhance their security, and this is starting to include unarmed security guards for low-risk companies.

bank money exchange

Financial Institutions Enforce Safety with Security Guards

By ODO Administrator | August 18, 2022

Banks and financial institutions are facing new challenges when it comes to security. Handling money, people’s valuables and irreplaceable documents make banks one of the industries with the highest demand for security guards. Live patrol enhances security measures such as cameras, access monitoring, and emergency alarms.

school bus

Top Three Reasons for School Security Guards

By ODO Administrator | August 11, 2022

Families have peace of mind knowing the school their children attend is safe and being watched over. In today’s climate, instead of it being a choice, it should be the new standard because students deserve to be safe.

Event Meeting Security

Security Coverage You Never Knew You Needed

By ODO Administrator | August 6, 2022

There are many areas of security guard coverage that most never realize are available. What may be surprising is how many options there are when considering hiring private security guards and the affordability of services.

security guard

Three Reasons for Security Guard Turnover and How to Avoid It

By ODO Administrator | July 26, 2022

Security guards are valuable assets for organizations and an investment of time and money. So, why is there so much turnover and how they can be avoided? Let’s look at three reasons for high turnover, and how to reduce it at your company.

medical emergency

Medical Centers Team with Security Experts for Live Emergency Drills

By ODO Administrator | July 21, 2022

As active shootings have bannered across news feeds, everyone is taking measures to be prepared and know the best protocols to handle not only active shooters but all emergencies. Most companies meet the requirements required by law to keep people safe by providing signage, fire extinguishers, and even some employee safety training. More companies are beginning to incorporate private security in their budgets as these real-life nightmares are happening more frequently.

ODO Dark Alley

Three Situations When Security Guards Are Beneficial

By ODO Administrator | July 12, 2022

Today, businesses are acting on risk assessments that show certain situations when security is not optional but required to provide necessary protection and peace of mind. Only through partnering surveillance with a live security guard service can crimes be deterred and prevented.

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