Not All Security Guard Companies Are Created Equal

ODO Best

The best security guard providers pride themselves on the high quality of personnel they can offer their clients, which is largely due to the value they place on the men and women who choose this career and holding them to the highest standards.

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What Makes Security Guards Exceptional?

hiring a security guard company

In order to provide the most outstanding security guards, they must be happy with the company they represent. What goes into happy guards is being treated with respect, getting paid on time, and being heard as needs and availability change.

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Top Four Reasons to Use Private Security Guards

female security guard

Whether for a few hours, months, or indefinitely, security officers bring immediate value to events and organizations, providing an exceptional experience to keep people safe while protecting assets and property.

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Hospital Security Guards Protect Patients, Staff, and Visitors

healthcare facility

The best security guard providers in the nation have hospital-trained security guards with military and law enforcement backgrounds, able to masterfully handle security and emergency needs. Hospitals can be one of the most stressful environments. Whether a birth, death, or something in between, emotions run high in the hospital.

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Prioritizing School Security in Response to Uvalde Tragedy

ODO School Security

The communities surrounding any school shooting are immediately impacted and left to figure out what is next? How do we move forward? Is it possible to make school safer? If so, how? Providing private security guards for schools may be one of the most significant efforts in bringing students safely back to school campuses in the fall.

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Increasing Mall Security for Heavy Summer Traffic

loss prevention security

Whether it is the assumption that theft at the mall is not significant enough to warrant hiring security guards or merely ignoring the growing risk of loss for retailers, both should be re-addressed before summer kicks in.

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Security Guard Offers Testimony in Johnny Depp’s Case

Off Duty Johnny Dep

It is not surprising that security guards are often called upon to provide testimonies and eyewitness accounts in court cases. Security guards, coming from professional military and law enforcement backgrounds, are incredibly articulate when describing an event or occurrence, providing clarity to the attorneys, jurors, and judge.

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Park Security Guards Ensure Safe Summer Fun

ODO Park Security

Whether a local community park or a city park, parks naturally become more crowded as the summer kicks in. Communities are ramping up with private security to monitor park grounds during peak hours, allowing a safe experience for everyone involved.

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