What is VIP Security, and Do You Need It?

Private security is a broader career sector than most people are aware. Security guards might work in retail establishments, thwarting would-be shoplifters; patrol industrial complexes to manage access and protect company property; or, they might even serve in the exclusive cadre of VIP security.

What is VIP Security, and Do You Need It? 

Holistic security

Images of suits and sunglasses, limo-riding, gun-toting special agent types might come to mind when you think of VIP security. You wouldn't be completely wrong. Sometimes these can be aspects of the job. However, VIP security is a field requiring many skills. Planning and reviewing are as crucial to the job, if not more so, than providing physical security to VIPs.

VIP and personal security takes a holistic approach to guarding their clients. They're not only concerned with the personal security of the VIP, but the well-being of their family and property as well. If it is important to the client, it is a potential security risk and deserves protection as well.

Risk profiling for homes and venues

A central concept for effective VIP security is risk profiling. Security professionals study their client's homes, offices, venues they may need to visit and even the routes between all of these locations, proactively looking for security threats.

Homes need to be reviewed to make sure there is ample infrastructure to meet security needs as well as personnel, which provide the actual eyes and ears for home security. The same is usually the case for where the client works. This may also include having to make appearances at venues periodically.

Venues present a higher risk as they are largely outside the control of a VIP's security team and require coordination with the venue's own security to secure the safety of their client. At the same time, none of this matters if a client doesn't make it safely to the venue and back again. Depending on the danger the VIP faces, security may plan routes to and from any necessary destinations as well as make contingency plans, including alternate routes should an emergency arise.

Planning skills

This brings us to one of the core components of effective VIP security: planning. Car crashes and near escapes may make for great movies, but VIP security's first job is to make sure that this never happens. Planning both how the day will unfold as well as what to do if something goes awry is at the heart of a good security detail. A VIP may be just going about their day as usual, but a good security professional looks at the day more like an orchestrated play being performed, and they are the stage manager.

Good communication

As we mentioned, VIP and personal security is often forced to work in venues and places they don't have control over. From trade conventions to airports, VIP security operates in an environment where it is understood they are not the final arbiters regarding overall security. Particularly where there is a federal or local law enforcement presence, VIP security has to find the balance that affords maximum protection for their client while not running afoul of other public security systems already in place. Often it will be left to VIP security personnel to negotiate with these other groups to determine how they can do their jobs most effectively.

Tools of the trade

VIP security typically has more tools at hand than other security professionals to do their jobs. However, those tools are only as useful as the person wielding them. In that vein, VIP security professionals typically receive extensive training and certification in different aspects of their job. They may be expected to be firearms experts or have particular hand to hand skills to directly protect their clients. For clients on the move, they may have experience driving an armored vehicle or be a Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVOC) - specially trained to drive in dangerous environments.

Protecting both body and image

One specific aspect of VIP and personal security is what they are trained to guard against. In particular, a client's image may be every bit as important as their body. Well, not really. Bad publicity is far more survivable than actually being attacked. But image is vital for some VIPs to continue earning a living. As such, VIP security guards are trained to protect the reputation of the client just as seriously. This may mean blocking paparazzi or keeping over-eager fans or angry detractors at bay. Security is expected to be a gatekeeper for anything that might go wrong that could damage the client's personal image.

Real VIP security

As you can see, VIP security isn't quite what Hollywood would have us believe it to be. If they're moving between high-speed chases, shootouts and adrenaline-fueled cliffhangers, they won't stay employed long. Real VIP security is about avoiding these incidents altogether. A boring day is a good day for a security professional.

Do you think you may require VIP and personal security services? Are you responsible for the security of an executive? Contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our VIP, personal and executive security solutions. 

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The Roles of a Bodyguard

Bodyguards are familiar figures in television and movies, characterized by their sunglasses, cropped haircuts and dark suits. They have a no-nonsense attitude that makes it clear that they are not the type of people you want to mess with. But bodyguards are much more than imposing presences. They are highly skilled security professionals who are trained in the personal protection of individuals or groups of people.

Bodyguards are often responsible for the protection of VIPs such as celebrities, politicians, executives and other noteworthy individuals. These kinds of VIPs face unique security challenges and risks that require high-level skills in personal security protection. Like other security professionals, bodyguards act as a visible deterrence to crime. But their roles go far beyond that.

What is a Bodyguard?

Unlike commercial or residential security personnel, bodyguards have much more direct interaction with their clients. They are often a member of a security detail that may be with the client 24/7. Bodyguards know the ins-and-outs of their clients’ schedules and are frequently privy to confidential business and personal information.

Bodyguards typically have extensive and specialized experience. Many are ex-military or special forces with unique skill sets that allow them to provide exceptional security services to their clients. 

Clients who hire bodyguards do so for a reason. Individuals in the public eye face a variety of unique security risks. Stalkers, thieves, overzealous fans and others who want to take advantage of a VIP’s wealth or position are constant threats. Bodyguards must be ready for these unique challenges so their clients can have peace of mind and go about their personal and professional lives safely.

While most people who hire bodyguards fall under the category of the rich and famous, bodyguards may be required for average citizens under certain circumstances. In fact, their services can benefit nearly anyone who feels that their personal security is threatened.

The Primary Duties of a Bodyguard

Bodyguards are skilled in assessing threats and implementing strategies to prevent threats from occurring. While they do need the skills to react in the face of danger, the bodyguard’s work really takes place before a threat even occurs. Whether you are interested in becoming a bodyguard or considering hiring one for your security needs, you might be curious to learn the roles and responsibilities of a bodyguard. 

In general, a bodyguard will assess potential security issues, develop appropriate security strategies and competently react to threats as they occur. 

Specifically, the duties of a bodyguard include:

  • Securing public locations before a client attends public events such as award shows, conferences or other public appearances
  • Performing background checks for new employees, staff or vendors
  • Escorting the clients in public settings
  • Managing large crowds
  • Identifying suspicious behavior or unauthorized people
  • Driving the client and safely fleeing the scene of a security threat
  • Checking for vulnerabilities at the client’s home and public venues

Special Skills for Top-Level Bodyguards 

With all of these high-level responsibilities, personal bodyguards are some of the most highly trained security professionals available today. Often, prior military, special forces or law enforcement professionals will seek bodyguard positions. These professionals have a unique set of higher-level skills that will allow them to succeed in the role.

Many bodyguards have formal personal protection training including firearms training, drive training and medical training. In addition to these skills, other qualities make a bodyguard successful, some of which can’t always be taught. The job of a bodyguard requires someone who has the intellectual and analytical abilities to assess situations and quickly formulate solutions. 

Other skills that the most successful bodyguards have in common include:

  • Excellent judgment
  • Common sense
  • The ability to work alone and with a team
  • Physical health
  • Sound decision making
  • Physical combat and defense skills
  • Firearms training
  • Evasive driving training
  • High levels of discretion and confidentiality
  • The ability to maintain a professional relationship with the client
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to mentally and physically handle long hours and dangerous situations

Like all security personnel, bodyguards take on a huge responsibility. When a client hires a bodyguard, they rely on the guard’s professionalism and unique skills. A client wants the peace of mind in knowing that they are safe. The best bodyguards have well-rounded experience in personal protection as well as intelligence, intuition and quick-thinking. 

Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional bodyguard? Learn more about personal security services at Off Duty Officers.

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Why Your Executive Needs Protection

Do your top executives have personal security? If they don’t, it might be time to consider it. Executives and other key members of your company are facing even greater risks than ever before when it comes to their personal security. If you are not taking every precaution to protect your high-profile CEO and executives, you are leaving them at risk for potential threats from a variety of unpredictable sources. 

For the largest companies, executive security is a hefty yet necessary expense.  According to Fortune.com, Facebook spent more than $7.3 million protecting Mark Zuckerberg at home and abroad in 2017, and more than $2.6 million protecting Sheryl Sandberg in that same year. Other companies may spend less on executive protection, but the price is still tangible. For example, Amazon reported spending $1.6 million protecting their CEO Jeff Bezos in 2016.

Why do these companies shell out so much money in order to protect their executives? The threats executives face are serious and can have a substantial impact on the business and the lives of many people. These large companies understand that providing executive protection is not a luxury but a necessity. 

Why Your CEO Needs Executive Protection

You might be wondering why your executive would ever need security. Or perhaps your CEO finds it ridiculous to think she would need private security protection. After all, she has never faced a threat before. This kind of thinking could cost your business money, intellectual property and its reputation. Worse yet, it could cost your executive her life. 

In the age of the internet, information can be easy to come by for dangerous people. This means that executives, their staff and their security personnel need to be more vigilant than ever before. No security threat is small when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets. 

Off Duty Officers leads the nation in providing top-level, highly trained VIP and executive protection security services to companies across all industries. Our security officers are well-versed in the kinds of threats that high-profile executives can face. The training they receive gives them the necessary skillset and mindset they need to be effective. 

Top-level executives face all types of threats today. Some of the most common threats that your CEO or key executives can face include: 

  • Disgruntled employees or ex-employees
  • Angry crowds or protestors 
  • Terrorism 
  • Political violence or unrest at home and abroad 
  • Extortion 
  • Kidnapping
  • Being held for ransom 
  • Stalkers 
  • Threats to their families 

Benefits of Executive Protection

It’s clear that executives face threats from many different angles. Mitigating these risks is a job left up to professional security personnel with the experience and skills to assess threats and act quickly. The value of providing your executive with security protection far outweighs the costs. Let’s explore some of the primary benefits of executive protection for your business. 

Keep your executive performing at an optimal level.

If your executive is constantly concerned about security and fearful of possible threats, she will not be as effective as she needs to be. Providing protection for your CEO while speaking at public events, traveling at home and abroad and anytime she is exposed can provide peace of mind and greater productivity. 

Protect business information and trade secrets. 

Motivated by money or power, some criminals will attempt to obtain valuable business information from an executive through the use of force or threats. Executive protection security guards will be aware of the threat and take the necessary actions to prevent it from escalating to dangerous levels. 

Maintain morale throughout the company.

The morale of your company’s employees is a key factor in the ability of your business to stay on top. When your top-level executives have their security threatened, there is the potential for it to create a negative impact on the people who work for your company. 

Avoid negative attention in the media.  

Keeping your business strong in the eyes of the customer is critical to the success of any business. Negative media attention due to a kidnapping or violent attack on your top executives may result in changing opinions about your company. 

Off Duty Officers VIP and Executive Protection Services 

If you are not providing VIP and executive protection security services for your high-profile executives, it is time to contact Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, we have been the top provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for businesses nationwide. 

When the safety of your executive is your top priority, there is only one security company you should trust. Contact Off Duty Officers for a quote on executive protection services today at (844) 350-5628. 

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Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant

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VIPs Need Bodyguards Now More Than Ever Before

Security is an issue for everyone these days, but especially for VIPs like celebrities, politicians, executives and other high-profile individuals. Famous people and those in the spotlight have very unique security needs. That’s why VIPs seek the services of a professional and experienced security detail that specializes in providing personal security for those in the public eye. 

Fame has its perks, and it also comes with its challenges. Security threats for VIPs are present every time they leave their homes or offices. And they often aren’t even safe at home. Off Duty Officers provides reliable, discreet and exceptionally experienced off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel to protect these clients from harm.

Security Risks for Celebrities and VIPs

So, why are celebrities at an increased risk for security threats? Famous people who are regularly in the public eye can be targets for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include: 

  • Overzealous fans
  • Large crowds 
  • Stalkers
  • Money 
  • Fame 

With social media as it is today, the lives of famous people are more available to fans. Simply logging in to Instagram or Facebook can tell you where your favorite celebrity is hanging out, what their habits are and what is happening in their personal lives. While this can be thrilling for fans, it can leave VIPs vulnerable to becoming targets for those who may wish to do them harm.

Paparazzi and gossip blogs track famous people so their locations and intimate details of their lives can be broadcast all across the world. Because of the flood of media available today, often we know where celebrities are and when they are there, drastically increasing the risk of an unhinged fan or stalker making contact. 

Overzealous fans who gather to see a celebrity, athlete or other high-profile person can often get out of control. It is not uncommon for a crowd to become overly excited, causing unintentional harm to themselves and the celebrity. 

Stalkers are another unfortunate result of fame. There are frequent stories in which a celebrity is followed or harassed, or their homes are broken into by a stalker. Famous people including Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Natalie Portman have all dealt with stalkers in recent months. 

How Private Security Protects VIPs 

For those high-profile people that are easily recognized by the public, bodyguards are essential to their safety. The role of a private security detail changes depending on the client. Many celebrities want to interact with their fans, so security must be skilled at allowing proper and controlled contact while still recognizing and reacting to potential threats. Well-trained and experienced security personnel will know how to interact with celebrity clients and react to fans in the most tactful yet effective way. 

At Off Duty Officers, our security personnel is trained to always be three steps ahead in order to prevent situations before they occur. They understand that VIPs have teams of assistants, managers and publicists and that they need to coordinate seamlessly with all involved parties to help keep their clients secure, while also allowing them to do their jobs. 

Private Security and Bodyguard Services Nationwide 

When security matters for a famous client, you cannot leave the job to an inexperienced security company. Celebrities, professional athletes, political figures, dignitaries and business executives all share similar security risks due to their notoriety and frequent time in the spotlight. 

If you are needing the best in private security, Off Duty Officers can help. Our personnel understands the unique security threats that VIPs face each day. They have the know-how that gives clients the peace of mind they need to do their jobs, interact with their fans and enjoy their personal time without threats. 

Contact our team today to learn more about personal security and bodyguard services with Off Duty Officers.  

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