5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace From a Fired Employee

Terminating an employee is never an easy task for an owner or manager. However, it is a necessary part of running a business. When terminating an employee from a position, there is always a chance that they will react with violence, aggression or retaliation.  Companies must have procedures in place to protect their businesses, employees, customers and data from a disgruntled ex-employee. 

Does your business have policies and procedures in place that will help you avoid an unsafe situation at your workplace after an employee is terminated? We have compiled a list of 5 steps you can take to protect your property, both physical and intellectual, from an angry ex-employee. 

5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace From a Fired Employee

The loss of a job can bring up strong emotions for an employee, including fear, anger and frustration. Even if the employee expected the termination, there is no telling what kind of reaction they may have. With the risk associated with an employee termination, managers and other staff members should be well versed in their company’s policies and have clear procedures before, during and after a termination. 

Assess the risk. 

Even before approaching the employee, it is critical that managers and human resources staff identify past or present behaviors or situations that could make the termination high risk. This step will allow the management team to develop a plan, as well as alternate plans, if the situation does turn sour. Some signals that an individual may present a higher risk for violence include those who: 

  • Have increased levels of stress at home or in the workplace
  • Have been employed at the company for many years
  • Have filed formal complaints or lawsuits against the company
  • Have expressed informal complaints or made accusations against other employees
  • Have a history of violence 
  • Have a history of making threats 

Create a plan. 

Businesses should create a process or checklist that they follow for every termination, even those not considered high risk. The policy should be included in every new hire orientation and provided as an additional training to current employees. The specifics of the policies will depend on your business and should include your IT department and security staff. A professional, experienced security team can assist you in creating a plan that will decrease risk and prepare you for any situation that may arise. 

Consult with your IT team. 

Employees have access to valuable devices and intellectual property. Prior to the termination, managers should consult with their IT team to determine what the employee has access to and what will need to be restricted. This may include email accounts, computer and smartphone passwords and other company-wide messaging platforms and applications. Working with the IT team as soon as managers know the termination will take place can ensure that all of your bases are covered when it comes to technology and intellectual property. 

Have security staff present during the termination. 

It should not come as a surprise that security staff should be present for any employee termination. Experienced security personnel will be able to identify signs that the employee is becoming emotional or that they have a weapon. Remember, the mere presence of security can deter an angry employee from causing a scene. 

Escort the person off the property. 

It is recommended that employees are monitored throughout the entire process: from packing their belongings to exiting the premises. The threat of harm is not eliminated as soon as the ex-employee exits the building. There is still the potential that they have a weapon in their vehicle or that they will attempt to reenter the building. Security personnel can escort the person off the premises and watch for their return. 

Experienced Security Staff Can Protect Your Business – Employee Termination Security Staff

When dealing with any potentially emotional situation in the workplace, it is critical to keep safety front of mind. If you run or manage a business of any size, employee terminations can put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. Be sure to have the proper policies and procedures in place as well as a highly trained and experienced security guard team to help make the process as secure as possible. 

If you are looking for security professionals to help keep your business safe and running smoothly, contact Off Duty Officers today to talk with one of our security specialists.  

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Tips for Workplace Safety While Operating with a Restricted Staff

If you are one of the many businesses that are operating with a skeleton staff during the coronavirus outbreak, you have a lot on your mind. Worries about reopening, making ends meet and how to keep your employees are enormous issues that you have to face. Essential businesses have been working this way for weeks and have learned a great deal about how to keep their businesses and employees safe while working in this new normal.

As states across the country begin to think about what reopening their economies might look like, it is clear that those that do open will need to adjust to the new way of life. Business owners will not only need to consider the state regulations for social distancing and other guidance provided by the government, they will have to figure out ways to secure their properties, employees and customers.

Tips for Workplace Safety While Operating with a Restricted Staff

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we shop, learn, socialize and work. Only those essential businesses are operating, with more to open their doors slowly as states consider relaxing some of the stay at home orders that we currently live under. If you have a business that is open or may be reopening in the near future, you must adjust to the new way of doing business. One such change may be the need to operate with fewer staff members.

With so many people unemployed and many buildings left vacant, businesses are a target for thieves and vandals more than ever before. And with fewer staff members, it can be a challenge for businesses to monitor for crime and other suspicious activity properly.

Follow these tips to keep your business safe and secure during these challenging times.

Remove valuables from view.

In uncertain times, people can do desperate things. Theft, looting and vandalism are not uncommon during crises. Don’t make your business a bigger target by showcasing your valuable equipment or merchandise in your front window. Thieves will know right away what they can score if they hit your store, making you a more attractive target.

Instead, move anything of value out of the store or at least out of view. While this might be a hassle in the short-term, it has the potential to save you time and money in the long-term.

Assess your current security systems.

If you have security systems in place, when was the last time you checked to ensure they were in working order? So many businesses have panic buttons, surveillance cameras and alarm systems that have been inoperable for years. Unfortunately, it only becomes an issue after a crime takes place.

Better protect your business and employees by checking your current systems. Get everything functional and up-to-date. Additional measures may include updating your internal and external lighting, posting alarm system signage and changing window and door locks.  

Train your employees.

One of your best assets when it comes to protecting your business is your employees. Not only does proper training ensure that you and your staff are on the same page, but it will instill confidence in them in the face of a threat. Identify new security protocols to address the current situation and post them for employees to see. Work with your employees to create systems - often, your employees are more aware of potential security threats than owners.

Hire security guards.

If you really want to secure your business, security guards are one of the most effective means of protection. More than cameras and alarm systems, a physical security presence on a property acts as a significant deterrent to criminals. It sends a message to would-be thieves that you take the security of your business seriously.

Commercial security guards can manage access to your building, perform mobile patrols and quickly respond to a threat. At Off Duty Officers, we can meet your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing experienced, reliable and highly trained guards on a temporary basis, or whenever you need them.

Do you need temporary security guards to protect your business?

Call Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our unarmed, temporary security guard services. We proudly serve businesses throughout the United States and can deploy top-quality guards to your location quickly and professionally. 

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Critical Employee Safety Training Topics for Your Business

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. One that should never be ignored is maintaining the safety of your employees and customers. In addition to hiring a professional security guard company, employers should invest time and resources into their employee safety training program. A robust training program will not only demonstrate a commitment to protecting your team, but it will give them peace of mind in knowing that they can handle an emergency in the workplace.

Although there may not be a one-size-fits-all employee safety program, there are specific topics that can be valuable for businesses across all industries. In this article, we will explore the essential safety training subjects for your employees. After all, in many cases, your employees are the first line of defense against a threat.

6 Safety Training Topics for Your Employees

Basic First Aid and CPR Training

When a medical emergency occurs, it is critical to act fast. Employees who receive basic first aid and CPR training will be better prepared to assist a fellow employee or customer who is experiencing a medical emergency. Arming your staff with basic first aid skills will give them confidence and knowledge to provide the correct treatment from the start. Training could mean the difference between life and death.

Active Shooter Training

It seems that rarely a month goes by where we do not hear about a shooting happening in public venues across the world. Because of this increasingly more prevalent threat, companies should take active shooter training very seriously. Active shooter training will give your employees the tools to assess and react in mass shooting events. This kind of training has the potential to save many lives.

Workplace Violence Training

Reports indicate that about 2 million American workers are the victims of violence in their workplaces each year. These statistics show that training employees to recognize and manage a disgruntled staff member or customer can dramatically reduce these numbers. Workplace violence training aims to teach your team how to identify potential offenders as well as defend themselves against attack.

Online Security Training 

Would your business be able to function without the Internet? Most likely, the answer is no. The safety of information can be just as important as the physical safety of your employees and customers. Employees should know how to protect personal information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, login credentials and other valuable data. They should know how to spot and prevent potential cybersecurity threats.   

Fire Safety Training

Does your staff know what to do in the event of a fire? It is critical for businesses of any size to establish emergency protocols for fire events. Fire emergency training may include how to recognize the signs of a fire, understanding evacuation routes and the use of fire extinguishers. Do not assume that your team knows what to do if your business goes up in flames.

Ergonomics Training

When discussing safety issues in the workplace, ergonomics often seems to fall to the bottom of the list. However, ergonomic-related injuries cost companies billions of dollars each year in healthcare costs and sick days. Ergonomic training for your team may vary depending on the nature of your business. In some cases, teams may learn how to bend and lift safely; for others, training may focus on how to properly set up a workspace to reduce the risk of injury.  

How to Decide Which Programs Are Best For Your Company

With such a large number of potential security risks, it can be overwhelming to decide which topics to include in your employee training program. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will cover the needs of every business. However, as an employer who cares about the safety of your employees and customers, there are some things you can do to determine which training topics will be of most value to your team.

Ask your employees about the safety threats that concern them most. Employees often have a different, and sometimes better, understanding of the issues your staff faces each day. Be prepared to be flexible and accommodate the changes that are bound to occur with technology and society as a whole. Finally, set a security-minded example for your employees. Take safety training seriously and make it a part of the company culture. By doing this, you can get buy-in from your staff at all levels of the organization.

Does your business have a robust employee safety training program? While the list above is not exhaustive, it can give business owners a good starting point for developing the best safety training program possible for their businesses.

If you need help developing the right program for your team, contact an experienced security company to assist you. Expert security professionals can help you identify the unique threats that your business faces and develop a plan to address those issues competently.

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Protecting Your Employees is Good Business

If you are a business owner or manager, you have plenty of things on your mind. Is the safety and security of your employees on the list? The best employers know that creating a secure work environment for their staff is critical to the success of their businesses. When employees can work without fear of a security threat, they will naturally be more productive, satisfied and committed to their work and your business. 

Employees across all industries want to feel safe at their workplaces. Each and every day, millions of Americans go to work in commercial buildings, office parks and retail establishments. Staff, customers, vendors and visitors may come in and out of buildings throughout the day and even after hours. With so much activity, it can be next to impossible to mitigate potential safety threats without the help of a dedicated security team.

Unfortunately, it seems like we hear about mass shootings and other violent workplace attacks at businesses, schools and places of worship all the time. Responsible employers need to take measures to provide a safe and secure workplace for their employees, no matter their industry or the size of their business. 

What can employers do to protect their employees? 

Whether you think your business is a target or not, it is necessary to protect your people from internal and external threats to their safety. The threats can vary from business to business, depending on factors including: 

  • Visibility of the company and its leadership
  • Presence of high-value merchandise or equipment
  • Geographic location 
  • Number and location of entry points 
  • Use of hazardous materials 
  • Size of the building 
  • Number of shifts throughout the day

It is valuable for any business owner to perform a security audit. This may be done in-house or through a reputable security company who has ample experience assessing risks. The audit process can help those responsible identify blind spots in their current security programs and realize where they need to make improvements. 

Provide Adequate Employee Training 

When an unexpected security threat occurs, you want your employees to be ready. They should receive regular training to prepare them for anything, from fires to active shooter situations. Employees should be familiar with escape and evacuation routes and know how to access emergency fire and medical equipment. 

Company security policies should be posted where employees can easily find them. Develop and enforce security procedures that protect employees who leave late at night or early in the morning. Taking a strong stance on security from the start can help give your employees peace of mind in the event of a threat. 

Consider Security Technology 

Many businesses choose to invest in technology such as security cameras to act as an additional set of eyes on the property. Cameras can be especially useful for large complexes and in parking lots and garages. If your business is open late into the evening, cameras can deter thieves from hassling your employees and give your staff confidence that they are protected. 

Hire Professional Security Guards 

Professional security guards from a reputable security company are one of the most effective ways to protect your employees. Guards are able to handle a wide range of security threats and have the training to act quickly in stressful situations. They have specialized skills that allow them to identify suspicious behavior and take the necessary actions to protect people and property. 

When you have a dedicated security guard team on the premises, you can feel confident knowing that there is always someone looking out for threats. Mobile patrols and unarmed and armed guards are on constant watch for anything out of the ordinary and can contact law enforcement right away if needed. 

Trained, professional security guards at your place of business can provide a number of valuable security benefits for your employees including:  

  • Monitoring vendors 
  • Checking ID badges and credentials 
  • Logging visitors 
  • Identifying suspicious activity 
  • Checking security cameras
  • Performing fire watch
  • Assisting with evacuations

Security Guards Protect Your Employees

If you think you need security guards for your business, you probably do. The safety and security of your business assets, including your employees, is something that cannot be taken lightly. Business owners understand the importance of providing a work environment that fosters feelings of safety, productivity and loyalty. 

Off Duty Officers has been providing businesses like yours with the highest caliber of security guards to protect their employees for over 25 years. When your people matter, you need a security company with a reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism that is unmatched across the industry. 

Contact our security specialists today to learn more about how Off Duty Officers can create custom security solutions for your business. 

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